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4D BIM is the process of intelligently linking a 3D model with schedule-related project information. When 4D BIM is enhanced with reality during the construction phase, owners and contractors are able to reduce rework and eliminate waste, gain efficiencies through improved coordination, reduce overall costs, and drive ROI through enhanced visibility of “what is there” vs. “what should be there.” 


In this webinar, Reconstruct CTO and Co-Founder Mani Golparvar moderates a panel discussion on how to create and manage projects using 4D digital twins from the perspective of a planner, a project manager, a VDC engineer and an owner's representative. Mani interviews two gurus from the world of scheduling and project controls -- Mark Jenkins, Product Director at Oracle Construction and Engineering Global Business Unit and Amir Hamaoui, Director of Customer Operations at Reconstruct. This webinar covers: 

  • How reality models enhance traditional 4D BIM 
  • How real projects use 4D BIM and reality models and what benefits were realized 
  • How 4D digital twins can be created at master schedule and weekly work planning levels to enhance planning and monitoring 
  • How 4D BIM + Reality provides value to all project stakeholders including schedulers, project managers, owners and owners representatives 


Mark Jenkins

Mark Jenkins

Product Director

Oracle Construction and Engineering Global Business Unit


amir-square headshot

Amir Hamaoui

Director of Customer Operations





Mani Golparvar

CTO and Co-Founder



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Duration: 45 Minutes