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Forrester Research found that siloed data causes firms to use less than 40% of their mission-critical business data. For construction teams dealing with megaprojects, this hinders decision-making and leads to longer and costlier projects.  


Skanska is at the forefront of implementing connected workflows on their megaprojects, resulting in improved efficiency, quality and safety. The $200 million Citygate Project -- the tallest office building in the Nordic Region, is a compelling example of how Skanska effectively manages megaprojects, monitors quality and mitigates risk. 


Amir Hamaoui, Director of Customer Operations at Reconstruct moderates a discussion with Henrik Ljungberg, Digital Innovation Manager at Skanska and Anna Lazar, Strategic Alliances and Partnerships at Autodesk. This interactive discussion covers: 

  • What connected data and workflows make the biggest impact on the success of megaprojects  
  • How construction teams and decision-makers can easily remove siloes to improve quality, reduce risk and make more informed decisions
  • How connected data improves transparency and fosters collaboration between project team members 



Henrik Ljungberg

Digital Innovation Manager



Anna Lazar

Anna Lazar

Strategic Alliances & Partnerships




amir-square headshot

Amir Hamaoui

Director of Customer Operations



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Duration: 45 Minutes