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On Demand Webinar: Mega Reality Capture with Reconstruct (Case Study)
denver building 810


  • All documentation has been lost the since original 1961 drawings, only a litany of “Frankendrawings” remain…

  • The site was to undergo an over prospectus – alteration of Fire Life Safety repairs

  • Laser Scanning would take over a month and over $500,000+


Is there a cost-effective solution that provides measurability in only one-weeks time?

Solution: Reconstruct

Map: Automatically measure in 2D or 3D after your video is uploaded

Measure: Auto-generate the real floor plan in 2D from your video for facility assessment
Mark: Collaborate on 3D pins and punch list items


Equipment savings: Use a $400, 360° video camera in lieu of expensive and complex LIDAR

Ease of use: Captures automatically processed to create accurate and measurable reality models

Reconstruct brought the price down from $1.25/sf (in 2015) to $0.15 for comparable levels of detail

With Reconstruct project completed in 1 week vs. 6 weeks with LIDAR