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You’ve heard the terms: Reality Capture, Digital Twin, Site Reality, etc.... Big, tech-y words.


But have you been introduced to the daily, practical enhancements of being able to log in to your project site and see it, as is, from anywhere?

Please join former project managers, now Reconstruct’s customer success team, for stories from the field that illustrate the practical, collaborative side of reality modeling:

  • Capturing a site is easier than you think
  • Capturing progress and keeping your model up to date is simple and cost-effective
  • Everyone on your team can learn to navigate the model
  • Collaborating around the model will fit well into your workflows



Amir Hamaoui

Director of Customer Operations

Former Mechanical Engineer at Bechtel and ConTech Product Manager at Synchro and Bentley




Eric Jansen

Customer Success Manager

Former Construction Project Manager



Nicholas Cundari

Customer Success Manager

Former Construction Project Manager

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