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The ABCs of College Campus Construction

With just a 360° handheld camera (less than $1,000 off the shelf), Reconstruct technology makes it easy to create measurable 3D and 2D models of your existing structures and construction sites. This makes it fast and easy for you to create models daily or weekly to both communicate construction progress as well as record a full record of construction progress.

Join Nick Cundari, a Customer Success Manager at Reconstruct as we walk through 3 ways your campus projects can be helped by Reconstruct.

What are our ABCs of college campus construction?

Always have an As-built: Learn the simple and straightforward steps of walking your site to create both a 2D and 3D reality model of your site(s). See examples of projects that have done this week over week to create a full digital twin record of their construction progress. Look back in time, through walls, and underground.

Bringing Design Back to Reality: Within Reconstruct, you can take accurate measurements of your reality models. You can also overlay floor plans, design drawings, and even BIM directly onto your model - giving you a powerful remote QA tool. We’ll show you how our customers answer the question, “Does as-built reality match design?” 

Collaboration: Learn how Reconstruct allows for all stakeholders – GCs, Sub-Cs and Owners – to see a single source of truth for progress. This removes gaps in communication and enables collaboration when strategizing how to keep projects on schedule and on budget.


Watch now to learn how Reconstruct addresses each of these important topics to keep your university and college campus construction projects running smoothly.

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