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Monitor Construction Progress in 3D: Transparency and Time Saving Workflows You Need to Know

Save time, catch mistakes, and reduce travel needs with Reconstruct’s Top 3 3D Reality Workflows for Construction.

Join us for a 30 minute webinar as we walk through some of our most successful construction workflows and live project examples:

CREATE 2D AND 3D AS-BUILT MODELS: Capture your existing structures with drone and/or 360° camera to create measurable models in one day.

COMMUNICATE PROGRESS IN 3D: Remove communication barriers between site and office. Knock out progress reporting with digital site walks.

NEXT LEVEL QUALITY MONITORING: Catch mistakes before they become significant rework. On-site and remote teams can review quality with drawing and BIM overlay.



Neal Patel

Neal Patel

Product Marketing Manager


Nick Cundari

Nick Cundari

Customer Success Manager


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