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5 Innovative Ways Construction Professionals Mitigate Risk & Deliver On Time and On Budget

Research from the Construction Industry Institute shows that the adoption of proven construction technology solutions can improve productivity by up to 45%. 

In this webinar, Amir Hamaoui, Director of Customer Operations at Reconstruct, discusses five innovative ways construction professionals are changing the game: 

  1. Bringing together reality capture, plans and schedule for a clear view of project progress
  2. Utilizing built-in artificial intelligence to mitigate risk and predict outcomes
  3. Eliminating silos and improve accountability and transparency across teams 
  4. Overlaying reality vs. design to compare and measure “what is there” vs. “what should be there” in their projects
  5. Verifying payment applications through complete and accurate project visibility


Amir Hamaoui

Director of Customer Operations 


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