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ESI Group USA Prevents Embed Rework for US Foods with Remote Digital Twin Visibility

ESI Group USA  is well-versed in designing and building food facilities throughout the United States. With a recent pandemic-era shift to most of the team working remotely, ESI Group needed a tool that would allow them to monitor and assess progress while preventing errors and rework.

Location: Sacramento, California

Size: 350,000 Square feet

Planned Finish: 2022


"Some of the embeds were messed up, and the captures showed this. I used Reconstruct to go back to the team and let them know that the embeds were off by 8 inches. Because of Reconstruct, we were able to fix it in time, preventing a costly rework."

William Everland

ESI Group USA, Assistant Construction Manager

The Problem

ESI Group had a 350,000-square-foot facility to build for US Foods. There were many moving parts to this design-build project and a lot of changes throughout the process of the plan. Between changes to in-wall units and midnight concrete pouring, there was a lot that needed to be observed remotely by management. 


The Solution

ESI Group needed a tool that would allow them to remotely monitor progress while creating digital twins that showed what was happening on-site at any point and whether everything was running to plan. ESI Group chose Reconstruct because the tool offered everything they needed to stay on track with this project successfully.



The Results

Reconstruct was able to show the team that in-walls and embeds were installed in the incorrect locations, and they were able to make the changes prior to walls going up and concrete being poured. This helped prevent a costly and timely mistake, keeping ESI Group on budget and schedule.


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