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Reconstruct's 2D3D RMap™ Goes Global

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reconstruct inc 2d3d rmap

Reconstruct™, the leader in remote construction progress monitoring in North America, is also the leading solution used by global construction teams across Asia, Europe and Australia.

Despite many new construction technology products on the market, project information remains siloed in different systems. Reconstruct's Visual Command Center is the first and only product that integrates reality capture, designs and schedule, enabling teams to see what is there vs. what should be there.

Reconstruct's new product, 2D3D RMap, brings together reality capture, 2D design and 3D models in one integrated platform. Construction and inspection stakeholders are using it to capture status quo, document progress, ensure quality, and visualize conditions from their computers in their "work from home" environments. Construction teams from all over the globe have achieved better schedule management, more efficient tracking of quality and progress, faster inspections and improved documentation. Reconstruct is also available in the Japanese language and is used on complex projects such as railroad station renovations and bridge inspections.

"The best part about Reconstruct is the ability to easily record and track site information. We see this as something that can be used for our maintenance projects and renovations. The data is so powerful. [With the new 2D functionality], I really like how new photos and videos we take can be seen on 2D orthographic photos."

Iguchi Shigenobu, Deputy Manager Construction Department, East Japan Railway Company (東日本旅客鉄道株式会社), Tokyo, Japan

“Reconstruct helps in the most crucial parts of construction management, including tracking the construction’s quality, timeliness and scheduling. We believe technologies like Reconstruct can help revolutionize the processes of this industry.”

Shinya Sugiura, Corporate Business Innovation & Management Foundation Department, Corporate Strategy Division, Obayashi Corporation (株式会社大林組), Tokyo, Japan

“The good thing about Reconstruct is that it can track the progress of construction through videos and images taken from 360 cameras, not just in the form of photos, but also as a very ideal media of information, which is 3D point clouds. This platform also allows us to easily compare the plan with reality capture data by overlapping them, which is exactly what we’ve always wanted to do. It is difficult to make all phases of our work efficient but Reconstruct leads to more efficient workflows not just within the construction phase, but also when working with other companies that we have contracts with.”

Shiosaka Yasuhiko, iPD Center within Obayashi Corporation (株式会社大林組), Planning Department for Construction Management, Tokyo, Japan