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The Leader in Remote Quality Control and Progress Monitoring

Bringing the construction site to decision makers – 24/7. Reconstruct empowers you to manage your projects remotely, monitor quality, mitigate risk, and make better decisions.

How Digital Twins Foster Collaboration During (and After) Airport Renovations

Through reality mapping, a digital twin for airport renovation improves visibility and collaboration between stakeholders, both on-site and off.

Four Reasons to Consider a Digital Twin for Construction

Four reasons why more stakeholders are relying on digital twins for construction, including frequent progress monitoring and optimized quality control.

Reality Mapping: Unlocking New Efficiencies for Airport Stakeholders

Reality Mapping has significant benefits, from improving communication to reducing unnecessary travel and expenses to drastically improving efficiencies...

Smartphones: Blending High-Resolution Reality Capture Data to Your Digital Twin

A smartphone enables fast, inexpensive, and highly detailed reality capture that can be blended with other reality data to form a digital twin.

What is photogrammetry software for construction?

Photogrammetry software, in construction, extracts geometric information from 2D reality capture images to create a 3D “digital twin” of the job site.

Measurability and Construction Reality Mapping

Reality mapping now allows construction stakeholders to measure digital twins generated from 360 capture, no laser scanning or BIM required.

How Reality Capture & Mapping Forms a Digital Twin for Construction

How reality capture and modern reality mapping technology enable the formation of a digital twin for construction without the need for laser scanning.

How reality mapping makes remote infrastructure inspection easier

Reality mapping enables remote infrastructure inspection. And with proper access, lighting, and the right technology and tools, it’s also easier than...

What challenges do digital twins solve in construction, inspection, and engineering?

A digital twin solves many construction, inspection, and engineering-related challenges, including enabling remote project management and slashing travel...

360 Progress Capture: Creating a Digital Twin for Remote Construction Monitoring

360 progress capture enables field teams to quickly and reliably capture immersive job site images throughout the construction process.

Protect yourself from liability claims with a digital twin

A digital twin for construction allows stakeholders to protect themselves against claims by documenting exactly what happened (and when) on the job site.

Streamline Inspection and Construction Progress Monitoring with Digital Twin Annotation Tools

During construction progress monitoring and inspection, annotation tools enable stakeholders to communicate problems identified on a job site’s digital...

Turn existing 360 camera videos into a measurable walkthrough of your job site

Transform existing footage from 360 cameras into a measurable digital twin of your job site, unlocking 2D floor plans and 3D reality maps.

Curate and Share 3D Construction Tours with Project Snapshot

With Project Snapshot, stakeholders can rapidly create focused and curated, 3D tours of their construction site’s digital twin with anyone, anywhere.

What is a Digital Twin for Construction?

In construction, a digital twin is a virtual representation of a structure that’s frequently updated based on actual data from the project itself.

The History of 3D Reality Mapping with 360 Cameras

Reconstruct released the reality mapping technology needed to 3D model job sites from 360 cameras in 20156, transforming remote project monitoring.

2D & 3D Design Integration with Construction Reality Mapping

Discover the many benefits of integrating 2D and 3D design and drawings with accurate, measurable 2D floor plans and 3D models of a construction project.

Photogrammetry for Construction 101

Photogrammetry turns images or videos of an active construction site or completed structure into a 3D representation, also known as a digital twin.

Remote Construction Monitoring: The Key to Building Sweden's Tallest Office Tower

Using Reconstruct reality mapping software & Insta360 cameras, Skanska conducts remote visual progress monitoring of the Nordic region’s tallest office...

AI-Driven Digital Twins for Virtual Inspection of Physical Assets

This blog post illustrates how owners and engineering firms can use visual data and digital twins to enable enhanced, cost-effective inspections.

Reconstruct's 2D3D RMap™ Goes Global

Reconstruct, the leader in remote construction progress monitoring in North America, is also the leading solution used by global construction teams across...

Get instant access to photos in context

Organizing images around locations and over time is an important part of Reconstruct's workflow for construction progress monitoring and quality control.

3D volumes should be measured in 3D

Reconstruct has built the first online truly 3D measurement tool for volumetric measurements.

What are one thousand pictures worth?

Photos are the best way to perform visual quality control in construction, bring attention to safety issues, or illustrate the details of plan revisions.