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Curate and Share 3D Construction Tours with Project Snapshot

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Reconstruct capture of Oracle Lab with new project snapshot feature

Reconstruct’s newest feature, Project Snapshot, allows users to curate a job site tour, then rapidly send that tour to any user through a simple link. No account, login, or powerful computer necessary. In this article, we will zero in on the details of Project Snapshot, who it benefits, and what its top benefits are.

Key Takeaways

  • With Project Snapshot, stakeholders can rapidly share critical visuals of their construction site’s digital twin with anyone, anywhere. After a quick link to the tour is generated, any audience can view it, no powerful computer or login required.
  • These pre-planned, curated walkthroughs offer audiences a panoramic tour that’s quick, immersive, and focuses only on what that tour’s author has deemed necessary or relevant at that time and for those viewers.
  • Project Snapshot keeps stakeholders apprised and aligned, makes it easier to provide trades with crucial details for design work and bids, streamlines OAC meetings, and more.

What is Project Snapshot?

Project Snapshot enables easy creation of panoramic tours of a job site, building, or infrastructure. The newest feature of Reconstruct’s digital twin technology, Project Snapshot allows users to curate construction site tours that focus only on what’s essential to a particular audience.

Project Snapchat allows users to pre-select project areas, pin them to a carousel of images, and then guide audiences through a preplanned walkthrough of those scenes. A floorplan map also pinpoints the different locations covered by the tour. Users can “walk” the site as planned by the tour curator, watch an immersive walkthrough video, then pause at their leisure to inspect site details in 2D or 3D.

Why did Reconstruct create Project Snapshot?

Reconstruct developed Project Snapshot to help users create a more focused, readily accessible walkthrough of a job site for various audiences, including those with no technological training. Reconstruct users who are familiar with every inch of a construction project can author a tour that illustrates only what needs to be discussed at a given date and time with a targeted group of stakeholders.

In other words, the Reconstruct user can select a handful of scenes to showcase in a tour, then swiftly share those visuals with audiences like owners, owners’ representatives, designers, and other trades. 

Project Snapshot is particularly helpful to general contractors, who can use the feature to keep key stakeholders apprised of project status, rapidly solicit quotes from various trades, and provide collaborators with the details they need to create signage, plan renovations, and more. 

Often, many project stakeholders do not need training on how to use Reconstruct or have any need for a Reconstruct account. But they do need visual information about the job site. Project Snapshot solves this disconnect, offering any and all audiences instant access to a few handpicked details about the job site’s current conditions. 

Key benefits of Project Snapshot

Project Snapshot brings targeted information to specific stakeholders, unlocking various benefits unique to each organization. Here are four of the top benefits:

1. Keeping stakeholders apprised

With Project Snapshot, it’s easier than ever before to ensure all stakeholders are on the same page about a project's current conditions. This is especially true because Project Snapshot requires no Reconstruct account or even for users to log in. All users have to do is click a link, walk the pre-planned tour, then get back to work.

2. Empowering trades with just the right information

Project Snapshot assists general contractors and other stakeholders working with trades in various ways. In the multi-site space, these quick tours can provide designers and merchandisers the information they need to plan renovations, produce signage, and prepare for store openings--no travel required.

At the same time, Project Snapshot makes it that much easier for general contractors to solicit bids for work. Instead of physically providing trades with tours of the job site over and over again, and then receiving only a few quotes due to time constraints, general contractors can share the link with all interested subcontractors and receive and review quotes at scale.

3. Making meetings faster and more focused

With Project Snapshot, stakeholders can rapidly prepare a tour of a job site that focuses only on what’s absolutely necessary for the week’s discussion. This leads to more efficient meetings and more alignment between all teams.

Superintendents can also run daily coordination meetings more efficiently by setting up all views in advance and then loading them quickly during sessions. 

4. Get extra eyes on the job site 

Finally, Project Snapshot breaks down the barrier between tech-savvy stakeholders and everyone else on the job. In other words, by offering curated views of construction progress without requiring even a minute of technology training, more and more stakeholders will have eyes on what matters.

By requiring no Reconstruct account or even a login to view the curated tour, Project Snapshot continues Reconstruct’s mission of unlocking the benefits of reality mapping to all teams, including those who would’ve otherwise never been brought into the fold.

The result? More alignment, better communication, improved risk mitigation, and a team of stakeholders all ready to move forward on the next steps to ensure on-time, at-budget, as-planned completion of work.

About Reconstruct

Reconstruct is the leader in digital twins for construction, allowing virtually anyone on the job site to perform geo-referenced reality capture using any device, including a smartphone, 360 camera, and drone. Reconstruct’s photogrammetry engine can blend any footage to create one source of project truth automatically pinned in space and over time.

The resultant reality map can be used for site surveys, visual quality assurance and quality control, facility condition assessments, physical asset inspections, visual progress monitoring, online as-builts, and more. 

To see your construction project in Reconstruct or get a demo of Project Snapshot in action, contact our team today.