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Reconstruct maps from 360 video and other cameras

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map generated from 360 video capture for construction site monitoring and inspections
Reconstruct® takes maps to another level — ease of capture with 360 video, automatic analysis, and maps of every surface — to simplify inspection, communication, and reporting workflows. The map (first image) is automatically created from 360 video and overlaid on the drawing.

Nothing provides context and spatial awareness like a map. In daily life, we use street maps and satellite maps to figure out where we are going and what it will look like. In construction, drawings are maps that show where work should happen. For earthmoving and foundations, maps produced by surveyors or drones are commonly used for validating cut-and-fill, placement, and progress.

Reconstruct® now takes maps to another level. We can create existing conditions maps of floors, walls, ceilings, chimneys, cooling towers — you name it. These maps can be used indoors and outdoors for navigation, inspection, quality control, and progress monitoring.

Ease of capture

Reconstruct® is the only service that provides indoor floor maps from 360 video. You don’t need an expensive camera, laser scanner, tripod, or any expertise. Simply walk through the site with a consumer 360 camera, upload the video, get back a 360 photo tour, 3D models, and maps of the site. The technology behind these maps is quite sophisticated, but the experience is simple: capture, upload, map. We can also generate maps from crane cameras, drones, and other cameras, indoors or outdoors.

Floor map from 360 video
Floor map from 360 video
Floor map from 360 video2
Floor map from 360 video
Floor map from 360 video 3Floor map from 360 video

Maps with insights

Reconstruct® can provide color floor plans or “as-built drawings” that are directly comparable to as-designed drawings, based on automatic analysis of the photographs. With time, capabilities will grow to provide more automated analysis of progress and quality.

Color floor plan and "as-built drawing"
Color floor plan and “as-built drawing” views of a map
Simplified "as-built" drawing views of a map
Simplified “as-built” drawing views of a map

Maps of every surface

When you imagine a map, you probably imagine a top-down view of a road or site layout. Now, imagine maps of the ceiling that show the layout of pipes, duct, and electrical. Or a map of the surface of a chimney that can be used directly for inspection and reporting location of defects. Only Reconstruct® provides these mapping capabilities through our Surface Mapping Tool.

Side of a bridge support, for inspection of concrete defects
Side of a bridge support, for inspection of concrete defects. Captured by drone.
Ceiling for inspection of pipes and vents
Ceiling, for inspection of pipes and vents. Captured by 360 video.
Ceiling captured by 360 video
Ceiling, captured by 360 video

What you can do with Reconstruct® maps

  • Navigation: users of our 2D/3D viewer can view images and point clouds while using the map to show position and orientation within the site context
  • Inspection: visually and remotely verify work in place; identify defects in material or construction; measure areas and distances
  • Quality control: see “what is there” vs. “what should be there”; overlay on drawings to ensure correct placement, as shown below
  • Reporting: demonstrate completeness and quality of construction with easy to understand visuals
  • Safety: annotate color floor plans and other maps to create awareness of safety hazards or areas for caution
  • Coordination: color floor plans of current site conditions make it much easier to plan, avoid clashes, and see and remember who does what where
Looking at a 360 image
Use for navigation: While looking at a 360 image, the user can also see the current position and orientation in the navigation map created from current site conditions, on the bottom-left
reconstruct blog image 1
reconstruct blog image 2
Use for progress monitoring and quality control: Reconstruct® continuously maps as-is conditions using 360 cameras, drones, or cameras mounted on tower cranes. First image: a reality map against drawing where the map is created using images automatically taken from a crane camera. Second image: Another reality map of the same site against drawing, this time created using 360 videos.
Map created from drone images and overlaid on site plans
Use for planning and site layout: Map created from drone images and overlaid on site plans.