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The Leader in Remote Quality Control and Progress Monitoring

Bringing the construction site to decision makers – 24/7. Reconstruct empowers you to manage your projects remotely, monitor quality, mitigate risk, and make better decisions.

How to Perform 360 Reality Capture

Performing 360 reality capture for construction progress monitoring and as-built documentation has never been easier or more affordable.

Smartphones: Blending High-Resolution Reality Capture Data to Your Digital Twin

A smartphone enables fast, inexpensive, and highly detailed reality capture that can be blended with other reality data to form a digital twin.

9 Reasons 360 Capture for Reality Mapping is Easier Than Ever

360 capture makes reality mapping easier than ever because 360 cameras are inexpensive, virtually anyone on site can use them, and so much more.

How Reality Capture & Mapping Forms a Digital Twin for Construction

How reality capture and modern reality mapping technology enable the formation of a digital twin for construction without the need for laser scanning.

Geo-Referenced Reality Capture for Construction Stakeholders

For geo-referenced reality capture of construction projects, the right reality mapping engine can now align 360 and smartphone footage to satellite maps.

360 Progress Capture: Creating a Digital Twin for Remote Construction Monitoring

360 progress capture enables field teams to quickly and reliably capture immersive job site images throughout the construction process.

Compare design against existing 360 and drone reality capture

Use existing reality capture data from 360 cameras, drones, and other devices to compare design and plans against what’s actually been constructed.

How to generate 3D point clouds from both 360 and drone reality capture

Blend indoor 360 video capture and outdoor drone capture for one integrated 3D reality mapping system.

Smartphones for 3D Reality Mapping in Construction

Smartphones are an easy, reliable way to capture construction details for 3D reality mapping and site surveys.

Choose the Right Reality Capture Tool, Process & Team

Precise assistance in selecting the right reality capture tool, process, and team for your next project

Reality Capture & Reality Mapping for Construction Job Sites

Learn the difference between reality capture & reality mapping—& how reality mapping creates a precise, measurable, & immersive 3D version of your job site

Gingerbread Coffee Shop

The 2021 Reconstruct Gingerbread "house": the Gingerbread Coffee Shop!

Reconstruct maps from 360 video and other cameras

Reconstruct maps can be used indoors and outdoors for navigation, inspection, quality control, and progress monitoring.