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The Leader in Remote Quality Control and Progress Monitoring

Bringing the construction site to decision makers – 24/7. Reconstruct empowers you to manage your projects remotely, monitor quality, mitigate risk, and make better decisions.

Construction Quality Control | 4 Benefits of Remote QA/QC

Construction quality control (QA and QC) can be performed remotely, thanks to reality mapping technology that brings the job site directly to...

Why Meta’s Newest AI Tool May Change Construction Project Monitoring

Segment Anything (SAM) enables easy segmentation of objects in images and could play a major role in construction progress monitoring, QA/QC, and more.

Remote Quality Control: The Secret to Avoiding Costly Rework

Optimal remote quality control of construction projects prevents costly rework. Reality mapping ensures remote teams catch quality issues before it’s too...

Reconstruct’s Image-First Navigation Mode

Introducing a new feature: Image-First Navigation Mode. Option to be placed directly within an immersive 360° image when loading Reconstruct.

Generate Cleaner 360 Site Captures with Reconstruct’s Image Enhancer

Generate Cleaner 360 Site Captures with Reconstruct’s Image Enhancer

Q2 Feature Recap - User Experience Enhancements

Reconstruct user experience enhancements released during Q2, 2022: Ceiling Ortho-Photos, Bulk Project and User Creation, and wider field of view in 3D!

How To Choose the Right Reality Capture Approach For Your Project

This video and blog post provides two different yet complementary perspectives on construction progress monitoring, quality control and reality capture.