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The Leader in Remote Quality Control and Progress Monitoring

Bringing the construction site to decision makers – 24/7. Reconstruct empowers you to manage your projects remotely, monitor quality, mitigate risk, and make better decisions.

Reality Mapping: Unlocking New Efficiencies for Airport Stakeholders

Reality Mapping has significant benefits, from improving communication to reducing unnecessary travel and expenses to drastically improving efficiencies...

Site Surveys for Construction | Reality Mapping in the Retail and Multi-Site Space

Reality mapping enables fast, accurate, and affordable site surveys for retail and multi-site stakeholders faced with quick construction timelines.

9 Reasons 360 Capture for Reality Mapping is Easier Than Ever

360 capture makes reality mapping easier than ever because 360 cameras are inexpensive, virtually anyone on site can use them, and so much more.

How Construction Reality Mapping Reduces Risk for Insurance Stakeholders

Discover how reality mapping of construction sites can help stakeholders analyze, manage, and mitigate project risk when considering insurance.

Measurability and Construction Reality Mapping

Reality mapping now allows construction stakeholders to measure digital twins generated from 360 capture, no laser scanning or BIM required.

Construction Progress Monitoring: How Reality Mapping Fits into Stakeholders’ Workflows

See how remote construction progress software can improve the workflows for contractors, architects, owner’s representatives, and owners worldwide.

How reality mapping makes remote infrastructure inspection easier

Reality mapping enables remote infrastructure inspection. And with proper access, lighting, and the right technology and tools, it’s also easier than...

Why engineers are using reality mapping to “capture” site inspections

Site inspections, which are mandated by law, can be digitally archived via reality mapping technology for improved visibility and legal protection.

Key Benefits of As-built Documentation in Construction

As-built documentation offers stakeholders accurate measurements of completed work, expediting pay applications, renovations, and more.

Reconstruct Customers Share 2023’s Top Construction Challenges

From laser scanning inefficiencies to reality capture path confusion, here’s how Reconstruct’s reality mapping software solved top construction challenges.

Turn existing 360 camera videos into a measurable walkthrough of your job site

Transform existing footage from 360 cameras into a measurable digital twin of your job site, unlocking 2D floor plans and 3D reality maps.

Benefits of Drones for Construction Reality Mapping

Drones safely gather overlapping visual data, creating high-res 3D & 2D reality maps of job sites and physical assets, particularly in hard-to-reach areas

What are the benefits of 4D BIM and its integration with reality mapping?

Creating 4D BIM and integrating it with reality mapping enables construction sequencing, project monitoring and control, and risk mitigation.

Smartphones for 3D Reality Mapping in Construction

Smartphones are an easy, reliable way to capture construction details for 3D reality mapping and site surveys.

The History of 3D Reality Mapping with 360 Cameras

Reconstruct released the reality mapping technology needed to 3D model job sites from 360 cameras in 20156, transforming remote project monitoring.

What is a 360 Camera for Construction Reality Mapping?

The 360 camera captures a complete and immersive street view of its surroundings, making it perfect for weekly reality mapping of a construction site.

How Reality Mapping Can Fill in the Gaps of 4D BIM

4D BIM is great for modeling a structure’s final design. For temporary conditions, fast and intuitive 4D reality mapping fills in the gaps.

2D & 3D Design Integration with Construction Reality Mapping

Discover the many benefits of integrating 2D and 3D design and drawings with accurate, measurable 2D floor plans and 3D models of a construction project.

NeRF: The Future of Reality Mapping?

NeRF (neural radiance fields) could be the future of reality mapping in construction. Learn more about its potential benefits and current limitations.

Remote Quality Control: The Secret to Avoiding Costly Rework

Optimal remote quality control of construction projects prevents costly rework. Reality mapping ensures remote teams catch quality issues before it’s too...

Reality Capture & Reality Mapping for Construction Job Sites

Learn the difference between reality capture & reality mapping—& how reality mapping creates a precise, measurable, & immersive 3D version of your job site